Table of Contents

During my search for God at the holy places, I have accumulated bits and pieces of the mystery, majesty and magnificence of God. Many think that I have accumulated a bunch of junk. They laugh at my collection. They call me the junk man. However, to me, the bits and pieces are more valuable - much more valuable - than diamond, rubies, pearls and golden coins. The bits and pieces have made me rich! But, I look about me and I behold the poverty of my neighbors. Their treasure chests are empty or nearly empty. Therefore, I wish to encourage them to make their own journey exploring the mystery, majesty and magnificence of God at the holy places. I want them to fill their treasure chests to the brim with bits and pieces of the mystery, majesty and magnificence of God.  I want them to become rich beyond their wildest dreams. Therefore, here are the stories of the bits and pieces of the mystery, majesty and magnificence of God that I have collected. My wish is that you find them as well as you make your journey. The Holy Spirit is tugging at our souls and the curious are following the tug back to its source. May you reach the Source of the tug.

  1. The Power to Do Good or to do Harm to our Neighbor (Click Here)
  2. The Gift of Paradise (Click Here) 
  3. The Picture of God (Click Here)
  4. Which is more important? The love note or the guarantee? (Click Here)
  5. Our Gag Reflex (Click Here)
  6. Mud (Click Here)
  7. What is the formula for making a Christian? (Click Here)
  8. Intrusion of the Background into the Foreground (Click Here)
  9. The House Divided (Click Here)
  10. Auditions (Click Here)
  11. The Easter Mistake ( Click Here)
  12. History is A Series of Failed Attempts by the Serpent to extinguish God's Love for Us (Click Here)
  13. Authority is a crutch whose use brings Atrophy to the Faculty of Persuasion (Click Here)
  14. The Most Important Chapter of the Easter Story is Missing (Click Here)
  15. Skip (Click Here)
  16. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches (Click Here)
  17. The Antithesis of Intimidation (Click Here)
  18. Magna Carta (Click Here)
  19. God Installed a Backup System in Case our Faculty of Obedience Broke (Click Here)
  20. Persuasion (Click Here)
  21. Knuckleheads (Click Here)
  22. How do you get there from here? (Click Here)
  23. Rearrangement, Attachment, Detachment (Click Here)
  24. The Greatest Damage is Done to Christianity by One-Dimensional Thinkers who lift high the Cross to Defend It (Click Here)
  25. The Measure God has Taken to Defang the Serpent (click here)
  26. The Cross (click here)
  27. No cross - no Resurrection? (click here)
  28. The Three Wonders of the World (click here)
  29. The Purpose of Calvary (click here)
  30. The Mass (click here)
  31. Surrender (click here)
  32. Intrinsically Evil (click here)
  33. Shattering the Illusion (click here)
  34. What does the Experiment at Calvary Reveal? (click here)
  35. Love opens the Door (click here)
  36. The Mark of Faith (click here)
  37. The Fuel of Paradise (click here)
  38. Spending The Coin of Love (click here)
  39. Exploration versus Indoctrination (click here)
  40. The Top Two (click here)
  41. God held the Opinion that we need both a Love Note and a Guarantee of its Genuineness (click Here)
  42. Nobody is listening to the Radio Station (click here)
  43. The Golden Thread of Conversation about God (click here)
  44. The Fox in The Hen House (coming soon)
  45. The Payload (click here)
  46. Suffering (click here)
  47. Windows (click here)
  48. The Purpose of the Visit (click here)
  49. Becoming Pilots of Our own Souls (click here)
  50. Making Sure We Do Not Fumble the Ball (click here)
  51. The Sign of the Cross (click here)
  52. What does the Nativity tell us about God? (click here)
  53. The Junk Collector (click here)
  54. Why does God allow Suffering? (click here)
  55. Cartography - Part 3 (click here)  [Don't cheat. Read Part 1 first]
  56. Cartography - Part 2 (click here) [Don't cheat. Read Part 1 first]
  57. Cartography - Part 1 (click here)
  58. Surfing the Current of Salvation (click here)
  59. Why do I dabble in God? (click here)
  60. The Love Note and Its Guarantee of Genuineness (click here)
  61. The Fork in the Road (click here)
  62. A Secret Hiding in Plain Sight (click here)
  63. Harsh but effective Medicine (click here)
  64. Let's Pretend! (click here)
  65. The Pillow of Calvary (click here)
  66. Threat or Promise (click here)
  67. Why am I a Catholic? (click here)
  68. Propagation (click here)
  69. The Church has put the Cart before the Horse (click here)
  70. Instant Catholics (click here)
  71. Live Bait on the Sharp Hook of Salvation (click here)
  72. There were two Survivors of Calvary not One (click here)
  73. Good News of Great Joy (click here)
  74. More and Better Theology (click here)
  75. The Owner of the House is Back (click here)
  76. The Ten Commandments (click here)
  77. No passion; no proof (click here)
  78. The Rule of Survival (click here)
  79. The Mountain of God (click here)
  80. Reality (click here)
  81. Safari (click here)
  82. The Sinking Ship (click here)
  83. The Piñata (click here)
  84. The Current of Salvation (click here)
  85. Acceleration (click here)
  86. The Foundation of Christianity (click here)
  87. The Tug of the Holy Spirit (click here)
  88. The Escape from our Dire Predicament (click here)
  89. A Thin Slice (click here)
  90. Obedience (click here)
  91. Far be it for me to get between the Holy Spirit and the Curious (click here)
  92. The Throne and the Palace of the Son of God (click here)
  93. The Theology of Calvary (click here)