The Ten Commandments

In one of the Ten Commandments, God admonishes the children of Adam and Eve not to make any images of them.


God knew that any representation of them made by human hands would be inferior to the representation of them that they would give us at Calvary. 

On the canvas of Calvary in the pigments of pain and suffering, the Son of God, the brush of truth, painted a self portrait of their tender and indestructible love for us. All other portraits of the nature of God, before Calvary and since Calvary, must yield to the self portrait of Calvary. They are inferior representations of God. Everything must be measured against the self-portrait they gave us at Calvary.  Test everything against the revelation that God gave us at Calvary.  You do not need to be a rocket scientist or a theologian or a pope to conduct the test. You can do it yourself. That is why the revelation of Calvary is so marvelous. Calvary is a do-it-yourself understanding of the nature of God.