Nobody is listening to the Radio Station

What good is a radio station to which nobody is listening?

The records in its record collection vary along a spectrum from duds to hits. The radio station could play the hits if it wanted to but it only plays the duds. The disc jockeys at the radio station are encouraged by management to only play the duds. Nobody at the radio station is concerned about the relationship between the duds that it is playing and the size of its audience.  They do not care about the audience. They claim to care but they really do not.

The old president of the radio station retires. His name was Benedict.  A new president takes over. His name is Francis.

Francis tells his disc jockeys that they do not have to play the duds 24/7.  They may play the hits. In fact, it is important to play the hits.

But a faction of listeners, disc jockeys and middle management at the radio station object to the change in format. They want to continue to play the duds that are driving the audience to other radio stations. They don't care about the size of the audience - whether it shrinks or grows. They only want to play the duds. They want to put their worst foot forward.  They want to serve the bad wine before the good wine.

The new president understands that to build audience a change in format is needed.  The ears of the audience must be developed before they are ready to appreciate the duds.  Build audience with the hits and then develop their appreciation of the duds.