Becoming Pilots of Our Own Souls

The Holy Spirit is tugging at our souls and the curious are following the tug back to its source. Following the tug of the Holy Spirit back to its source is an enterprise that we must engage in ourselves. Each of us must be the pilot of our own soul. We cannot subcontract the job to another. We cannot delegate it. No one else can do it for us not even our Church. It cannot be done vicariously. Seeking God is a unique, idiosyncratic, personal experience. There is no substitute for going through it. Why? In the process of seeking God, God transforms us. Unless we do it ourselves, we cannot be transformed. 

At the holy places, bits and pieces of the mystery, majesty and magnificence of God are available for collection. You can fill your treasure chest to the brim with them as you explore God at the holy places. They are more precious than diamonds, pearls, rubies and golden coins. However, others cannot collect them for you. The only way to collect them is to collect them yourself.

The Church can point out the holy places to you. The Church can show you the map that God entrusted it of the holy places. However, nobody, not even the Church, can drag you from holy place to holy place against your will kicking and screaming like a recalcitrant child. Such a tactic will not work. The Church can lead you to water but cannot make you drink. You must drink of your own accord. Like birth and death, having close encounters with God at the holy places are experiences that we must go through ourselves.