The House Divided

The aristocracy and royalty of the Church have little respect for the peasantry of the Church. This lack of respect is one of the reasons fewer and fewer of the peasantry go to Mass and none go to Confession. The elite of the Church think they know best. They have nothing to learn from the peasantry. That is why the Church engages in monologue not dialogue. They talk down to us. Prayer is a conversation with God. It is bidirectional. Yet, paradoxically, the aristocracy and royalty of the Church do not engage in conversation with the peasantry. God does but not the Church. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Those sanctimonious aristocrats and royals of the Church who hold themselves aloof from the peasantry on account of their self-ordained superiority are contributing to the collapse of the Church. They must learn humility - that is - the smell of the sheep.