The Top Two

What is your most precious teasure?

I shall tell you my top two;

1) the love note that God delivered to me at Bethlehem and

2)  the guarantee of its genuineness that God delivered to me at Calvary.

My most precious possessions are the love note and its guarantee of genuineness.  I treasure them more than anything else.

What else do I need? What more do I require? God sent me a love note and guaranteed its genuineness.  Isn't that enough? 

What do we do with the gift of Bethlehem, the love note, and the gift of Calvary, the guarantee of the love note's genuineness? 

Do we store them away in a closet like the gift of a toaster or a blender? 


We accept them.  

We give thanks to God for them.  

We rejoice at the generosity of God who was willing to give us such wonderful gifts.

And we pass them on. We regift them. Like the multiplication of the loaves and fish, these gifts multiply when they are passed on.

"Love one another as I have loved you."