They Need to Know. Will You Tell Them?

Our sighs, mourning and weeping that we utter as we pass through the valley of tears left our lips, reached God's ear and broke God's heart. God was moved to show us a further mercy. To facilitate our passage through the valley of tears, God the Father presented the idea of launching a philanthropic mission from heaven to earth and God the Son agreed to execute it. The father gave the son two assignments. He would transport from heaven to earth technology that greases the wheels of our passage through the valley of tears. And, he would demonstrate that the technology works by using it himself. The technology teaches us to apply love to suffering. Love is the salve that greases the wheels of our passage through the valley of tears. Love turns us into superman. Love enables us to pick up and carry the monsters of adversity that try to crush us under their weight as we pass through the valley of tears. The Son of God did not transport and demonstrate pie-in-the-sky, head-in-the-clouds technology. He transported and demonstrated down-to-earth, practical technology. We can use it today, not just tomorrow, profitably. Furthermore, the technology is platform agnostic. It works whether you are a Roman Catholic, other Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Pagan, Atheist, Saint, Sinner or something else. It is open source technology. No religion has a monopoly over it. The technology is catholic in the broadest sense of the word because anyone can use it. In fact, no conditions need to be satisfied before it can be used. When we use it, we preserve the resemblance that we bear to God. When we don't use it, the monsters of adversity transmogrify us into the most hideous and miserable of beasts. People who are suffering need to know about the technology. Will you tell them? Or will you let them suffer? Because you now know about the technology, you have the power to transform your neighbor from beast-like to god-like by either withholding or sharing the technology with them. Hey, Christian, what will you do? Will you keep your mouth shut or will you preach the good news of great joy?

Love is the ticket that gains you admittance to paradise. It is the only ticket. The mark of holiness is love . Love is the only characteristic that makes you recognizable to God. Prophesying in God's name doesn't do it. Driving out demons in God's name doesn't do it. Doing mighty deeds in God's name doesn't do it. Only love .

Stopping us from Fumbling the Ball

When the gift of paradise is delivered to us, will we keep it? Or will we let it slip through our fingers as it slipped through the fingers of Adam and Eve. God does not want us, the children of Adam and Eve, to repeat our parent's mistake (original sin). God, therefore, devised a plan to prevent the repetition of Adam and Eve's mistake. God tinkered with his gift-giving schedule. God inserted a delay between the delivery of the gift of life and the delivery of the gift of paradise. Adam and Eve received both gifts simultaneously. The children of Adam and Eve do not. During the delay, we get to taste the sourness of godlessness for ourselves. As we pass through the valley of tears, monsters of adversity try to crush us under their weight. They teach us that the valley of tears sucks. We learn that it sucks first-hand through our own experience. The illusion conjured up by the serpent that sugarcoats the sourness of godlessness is shattered. We realize that we do not become gods in godlessness. Falsehood no longer fouls our engine of rationality. Fueled by the fuel of truth, our engine of rationality steers our free will in the right direction. The truth sets us free. The likelihood that we will repeat the mistake of Adam and Eve (original sin) and let the gift of paradise slip through our fingers is reduced to near zero. The prodigal son will never go back to the pig sty after having experienced it. Neither will we. When God delivers to us the gift of paradise, we will keep it. The alternative, the valley of tears, is just too horrible. Our passage through the valley of tears is a dose of harsh but effective medicine. It vaccinates us against abdicating paradise after the gift of paradise is given to us . In possession of the truth about the sourness of godlessness, the serpent is powerless to hijack our free will with an attractive illusion. The truth defangs the serpent - it declaws the cat - it disarms our enemy. The serpent can no longer fuel our engine of rationality with the illusion that we can become gods in godlessness. The serpent cannot deify us; only God can.

More and Better Theology

God poured more and better theology into the Son of God's demonstration at Calvary that the technology of applying love to suffering works than into the heads of every apologist, theologian, Doctor of the Church, apostle, monk, abbot, mystic, priest, monsignor, bishop, Cardinal, Pope, hermit and saint who has ever lived or will ever live . He coped with his Cross to demonstrate to us how to cope with ours. He applied the salve of love to suffering as he passed through the valley of tears. Grease the wheels of your passage through the valley of tears likewise.

Pope Benedict XI

"If a person bears great love in himself, this love gives him wings, as it were, and he can face all life’s troubles more easily because he carries in himself this great light; this is faith: being loved by God and letting oneself be loved by God in Jesus Christ. Letting oneself be loved in this way is the light that helps us to bear our daily burden."

The Love Note and its Guarantee of Genuineness

At Bethlehem, God delivered to us a love note. At Calvary, the proof that the love note was genuine was put into our hands. If the love note were counterfeit, his love for us would have faded as we tortured him and died when we killed him. But it did not. it survived. Its survival is the proof that the love note is genuine. Of all the gods that humanity has worshiped, which God sends his creatures a love note? What God sends his creatures a guarantee of it genuineness as well. Our God did. Wow!

Why did God give us two Hands?

Why did God give us two hands? We need two hands to hold two important buckets of knowledge so we can contemplate the details of each and the relationship between the two. One hand is not enough. A third hand is superflous. One hand is to hold his ignominious defeat. The other hand is to hold his glorious victory. Can you articulate the details of his ignominious defeat? We tortured and killed him. He suffered and died. Can you articulate the details of his glorious victory? He rose from the dead still alive and still in love with us. Can you articulate the relationship between his ignominious defeat and his glorious victory? The evil we did to him ought to have extinguished him and his love for us. But, it did not. Both he and his love for us emerged from the black hole of death. That he emerged from the black hole of death still alive is the proof that Jesus is God. No mere mortal emerges alive from the black hole of death. He did. That he emerged from the black hole of death still in love with us, however, proves so much more than "mere" divinity. This added detail reveals to us that our simple conception of divinity as omnipotence is not quite accurate. It is incomplete. If his love for us were counterfeit, it would have faded as we tortured him and died when we killed him. But it did not. His love for us survived the evil we did to him. That love survived the evil baptism into which we immersed him is the proof that divinity is love. His omnipotence is awesome. Indeed, his omnipotence made paradise. However, it is his love for us that makes paradise sweet. Omnipotence without love is a false God. Omnipotence makes God powerful. Love makes God perfect .

My people are ruined for lack of knowledge .

Fill the earth with the knowledge of God as the waters cover the seas .

The Tug of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is tugging at our souls. The curious are following the tug back to its source. Along the way, the curious are exploring the mystery, majesty and magnificence of God. The question, therefore, is, 'How do we transform the indifferent and the hostile into the curious?'

Shifting the Paradigm from the Ptolemy to Copernicus

Like Galileo Galilei, let it be known that sin is not the center of the solar system. Christianity does not revolve around sin. Sin is not the hub and everything does not have to be defined in reference to sin. Like Pluto, sin is a minor, dwarf planet that revolves around something else. It has its place in the solar system but it is not the star. The Church, however, thinks sin is the star. The Church always starts at sin and works outward. From sin, the spokes of the Church radiate as horns radiate from the head of the devil. The Church is in desperate need of a new starting point. Geocentrism, once again, must yield to heliocentrism. The of Christianity needs to shift its starting point from sin to love - Jesus's love for us. Sin needs to move to the wings and Jesus's love for us to center stage. No change in doctrine. Just a tweak in emphasis. Nothing more. Beware, however. The same inquisition that persecuted Galileo Galilei will persecute you if you try to dethrone sin from the center of the Church's solar system.

Ending The Confusion

Many false, inaccurate and conflicting pictures of the nature of God circulate through the minds of the children of Adam and Eve. The multiplicity of pictures creates confusion. “This is God” some say as they point to their favorite picture of God. Others point to a different picture and say, “No, this is God.” The controversy goes on ad infinitum. Because of the confusion, the most Holy Trinity decided to set the record straight once and forever. They decided to clear the air. They decided to present to us their own picture of God - to give us a representation of themselves whose fidelity is unequaled by any representation made by human hands. Thus, they gave us a self-portrait. On the canvas of Calvary in the pigments of pain and suffering, the brush of truth painted a self-portrait of the nature of God. The self-portrait showed us the scope, size and the duration of God's love for us. Wide is the scope, immense is the size and indestructible is the duration of God's love for us.

The Treasure of Christianity in Twenty-Three (23) Words

We tortured and killed him. He suffered and died. Yet, he emerged from the dead still alive and still in love with us. This is the treasure of Christianity articulated in just twenty-three (23) words.

A One Gallon Tank Cannot Handle Two Gallons of Knowledge

A one gallon tank cannot handle two gallons of knowledge. The capacity of many who contemplate the Crucifixion, however, is limited to one gallon. And the bloody wounds we opened in the body of Christ during the Crucifixion are two gallons of knowledge. They have a near side and a far side. On the near side is one gallon of knowledge. On the far side is another gallon of knowledge. Different stories unfolded on each side. Many, therefore, lack the capacity to understand the bloody wounds. In order to understand the bloody wounds, they need to upgrade the capacity of their tank from one gallon to two gallons. Many just see the near side of the bloody wounds. There, on the near side, is the evil we did to him and his ignominious defeat. We torture and killed him. He suffered and died. They do not look through the bloody wounds to the far side as one would look through a telescope. By looking through the bloody wounds to the far side, we catch a glimpse of heaven from here on earth. What is seen when we look through the telescope of his bloody wounds? Well, to find out ... read more at


The King Who Loves Us

Divine Mercy Jesus is our king. His palace is the Mass. His throne is the most Holy Eucharist. His kingdom is at hand. He is not the typical king and his kingdom is not the typical kingdom. He broke the mold for kingship. He is not the king who rules us. He is the king who loves us. In place of rules, regulations, red tape and rigmarole, the means by which he governs us is love. In the kingdom of the king who loves us, the citizens govern themselves. We desire to please him. We trip all over ourselves in our eagerness to please him. Wow! Where do I sign up? How do I enlist? How do I join the kingdom of the King who loves sinners like me ?

The Rule of Survival

Our survival is governed solely by a simple but fundamental principle. Humanity in every place and in every age and of every religion is subject to its command. No exceptions. Only by including God in our lives do we live and only by excluding God from our lives do we die. To include God in our lives in the hereafter, we must include God in our lives now! By excluding God from our lives now, we exclude God from our lives in the hereafter. Take an interest in God and God will take an interest in you. Include God in your life and God will include you in theirs. Ignore your God and your God will ignore you. Absent yourselves from the holy places and the holy places will absent themselves from you.