Cartography - Part 1

How well do you understand your religion? The spectrum ranges from not well at all to very well indeed. What part of the spectrum of understanding do you occupy? Do you just claim an understanding or do you have an understanding that you can articulate. In the course of life, I have found that if you cannot articulate your understanding of a subject, you do not understand the subject at all.  It is just the way it is. Many can claim an understanding but, if they cannot articulate it, their claim is not valid. 

Here is my challenge. It is not a difficult challenge. In fact, it is child's play. I want you to articulate your understanding of your religion. I do not mean the minutia - the details. I want you to articulate the Big Picture. Furthermore, avoid words as much as possible.  I want you to draw me a picture of your understanding of your religion. Use crayons. Use only the face of one page. Draw only the key elements of the Big Picture. 

Can you do it?

I am sorry to put you on the spot but you can take this challenge in the privacy of your own room.  It takes no more than ten minutes to do the drawing. It takes a lifetime to think about it but only ten minutes to draw it.

In Cartography - Part 2, I shall publish my drawing of the Big Picture. (Click Here)