The Payload

The payload of the thirty-three year Visit that the Son of God paid us at and about the city of Jerusalem in a region of our planet that we call the Middle East more than two thousand years ago was apocalypse. The Visit revealed to us the nature of God.

For instance, let us look at the bloody wounds we opened in the body of Christ with lash, thorns, nails and spear.

But do not just look at them. Look through them.

On the nearside of the bloody wounds is torture, death and our wickedness. On the far side, however, is so much more. When you look through the bloody wounds to their far side, you behold survival. He survived. His love for us survived. 

His survival tells us that the Son of God is omnipotent. Our fiercest enemy, Death, has no power over Him and, hence, over us.

The survival of His love for us tells us so much more about God than their omnipotence. It tells us about the very essence of divinity itself. Divinity is indestructible love for us.

He and His love for us are impervious to our wickedness. We lack the power to kill God, to extinguish His love for us or reduce it by even the slightest degree.

Buckets of blood spilled through the wounds we opened in His body and, upon the cataract of blood, His life itself exited His body. However, not a drop - not a drop - of His love for us spilled. He heart stayed filled to the brim with love for us. Despite our wickedness, He continued to love us nonetheless.

Where do I sign up? How do I enlist? How do I join the kingdom of a king who loves me so much? 

He is the sweetness of paradise! The sweetness of paradise pulls me through the entrance of paradise and into His loving embrace!