Why do I dabble with God?

Am I a dabbler? Am I a mere dilettante? I view myself as a serious student of God - as an explorer. My Church has introduced me to God and God to me. My Church has taken me to the holy places where I have explored the mystery, majesty and magnificence of God.  In the course of exploration, I have accumulated a treasure chest filled with bits and pieces of the mystery, majesty and magnificence of God - potsherds of God. I realize that many consider the bits and pieces that I have accumulated to be junk - that people laugh at "junk" collectors like me. But to me, the bits and pieces are more valuable than rubies, diamonds, pearls and coins. (Matthew 6:19-21). The bits and pieces of the mystery, majesty and magnificence of God that I have accumulated have made me rich. Let me boast here, now and forever about the wealth that God has given me!

I look about me and I see the poverty of my neighbors. Their treasure chests are empty or nearly empty. The emptiness of their treasure chests disturbs me. Therefore, neighbor, I wish to share my wealth with you. I cannot give you the bit and pieces from my treasure chest. It does not work like that. You have to collect them yourself. But I can take you to the holy places. At the holy places you can fill your treasure chests to the brim with bits and pieces yourselves. You, too, can become a "junk" collector as well. I desire that you make yourselves rich as well. My wish for you is that you enjoy wealth beyond your wildest dreams. 

But, let me turn the tables on you. Let me pose the same questions to you. Are you a dabbler? Do you dabble with God? Are you just a dilettante? Beware. It is dangerous to be just a dilettante. A lifetime no matter how long is a thin slice of time compared to the thickness of eternity. Dilettantes, however, do not see the thinness of life. Its thinness can only be seen by changing our perspective. Instead of looking from the inside out as dilettantes' do, we must look from the outside in as God does. Only then do we see that it is eternity that matters not the thin slice of time we occupy for a brief moment. Only then do we see the value in the bits and pieces - the potsherds of God.

Therefore, on these pages, I share with you my knowledge about Heaven's most precious treasure. Jesus said, "Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom (Matthew 16:28)".  On these pages, you will learn how to join the "some standing there". You will learn how to transform godlessness into paradise. Your eyes will be opened to the entrance to paradise, the exit from godlessness and the bridge that carries the current of salvation between them. You will learn how to surf the current of salvation. You will learn about the new exodus that is taking place and is now in progress. You will be invited to join.  St Faustina said, "What a paradise it is for a soul when the heart knows itself to be so loved by God" (St. Faustina - Notebook VI, 1756)"  

Our survival is governed solely by a simple but fundamental principle. Humanity in every place and in every age and of every religion is subject to its command. No exceptions. Only by including God in our lives do we live and only by excluding God from our lives do we die. To include God in our lives in the hereafter, we must include God in our lives now! By excluding God from our lives now, we exclude God from our lives in the hereafter  (Galatians 6:7-9). Take an interest in God and God will take an interest in you. Include God in your life and God will include you in theirs. Ignore your God and your God will ignore you. The power of reciprocity is in our hands. Exercise it.

I assure you. You won't be disappointed. There is no need to hedge your bets. You can go all in. You can bet the farm. 

Moreover, I only have a treasure chest filled with bits and pieces of the mystery, majesty and magnificence of God. My Church has a gold mine. I have only been exploring the mystery, majesty and magnificence of God for a life time. My Church has been exploring for more than two thousand years. My Church has much treasure to share with you. 

Make yourself rich. Start accumulating bits and pieces of the mystery, majesty and magnificence of God - potsherds of God. They are legal tender in the eyes of God - a better store of value than the dollar.