The Love Note and the Guarantee of its Genuineness

At Bethlehem, God delivered a love note into our hands. The love note lived and breathed.  The Son of God was the love note (John 1:14). Thirty three years later at Calvary, God delivered into our hands a guarantee that the love note was genuine. We tortured and killed the Son of God while He was human, alive, tender and vulnerable. If the love note were counterfeit, His love for us would have faded as we tortured Him and died when we killed Him. But it did not. Both He and His love for us survived. His survival is the proof that God is omnipotent. The survival of His love for us, however, is the proof of something much more significant than omnipotence. The survival of His love for us is the proof that the very essence of divinity is indestructible love for us.  Rejoice! God put into your hands both a love note and a guarantee of its genuineness. They were delivered to you not by a hired messenger but personally by God themselves. A love note and a guarantee of its genuineness. What else do you need? What more do you require?

There is more and better theology in Calvary than in the head of every apologist, theologian, Doctor of the Church, monk, abbot, mystic, priest, monsignor, bishop, Cardinal, Pope, hermit and saint who has ever lived or will ever live.
— John Bosco