Making Sure We Do not Fumble the Ball

Evolution is a defense mechanism that allows a species to adapt to adversity. Adapt or die. Evolution provides a species with a pathway to survival - an alternative to death.

Simultaneously with their creation, God gave Adam and Eve the gift of paradise. There was no delay between their creation and the delivery of the gift of paradise.  Therefore, Adam and Eve's only experience was with paradise. They had absolutely no experience with godlessness. 

After the gift of paradise was delivered to Adam and Eve, the serpent came. The serpent came to strip Adam and Eve of the gift of paradise. 

The serpent was the first predator. Before the advent of the serpent, Adam and Eve had absolutely no experience with a predator. They had never dealt with a predator so they had never evolved a defense mechanism against one. Without a defense mechanism, Adam and Eve were doomed. A fallen angel versus newborn humanity - Adam and Eve had no chance. It was no contest. The match was fixed. No one was surprised by the outcome. Yet, throughout the centuries, we have blamed Adam and Eve for their fall. Ought we not rethink the allocation of blame? Where was the so called "good shepherd" while the contest between the serpent and Adam and Eve was unfolding? Blame for the fall, however, is not reason that God inserted the contest between God and Adam and Eve into the history of mankind. The contest served a higher, more salubrious purpose. Those who focus on blame miss the point of the contest.

Why did God set up Adam and Eve to fail?

Paradise is not a prison. God is not our warden. We are not God's prisoners. God has given us the freedom to shoot ourselves in the foot. We have the freedom to self-destruct. God, however, does not want us to self-destruct. God wants us to thrive. Therefore, God wanted to design the world in such a way that once the gift of paradise was delivered to us, we would keep it. We would not throw the gift away. Adam and Eve accomplished God's purpose.

By running away from their home with God in paradise, Adam and Eve took us into godlessness. Godlessness is not a nice place. In godlessness, we are like fish out of water. In God's opinion, it was important for us to experience the sourness of godlessness for ourselves. The experience of the sourness of godlessness for ourselves ensures that we keep the gift of paradise after the gift of paradise is delivered to us. It ensures that we do not fumble the ball. 

Of the many gifts that God gives us, God also gives us the gift of rationality. The gift of rationality tells us to stay away from godlessness. Godlessness sucks. Our rationality pushes us through the exit of godlessness. Having experienced the pig sty, the prodigal son is never going back there and neither will the children of Adam and Eve.

The weapon of the serpent was a lie. The lie of the serpent was that a life lived as gods in godlessness was superior to a life lived with God in paradise. The serpent could get away with the lie with Adam and Eve because Adam and Eve had no experience in godlessness. However, the children of Adam and Eve were different than their parents. They had their own experience with the sourness of godlessness. Reality shatters illusion. Their own experience in godlessness tells the children of Adam and Eve that the serpent's propaganda is bullshit. The children of Adam and Eve know better. They know from their own experience with godlessness. Thus, the children of Adam and Eve will not be duped by the lies of the serpent. The lies of the serpent have no power over them.

The experience of the sourness of godlessness is effective medicine. It vacinates us against the lies of the serpent. Indeed, it can be harsh medicine. However, in God's opinion the effectiveness of the medicine justifies its harshness. Furthermore, to mitigate the harshness of the medicine, God makes our life in godlessness mercifully brief. The brevity of life is proof of a merciful God.