Let's Pretend!

For a moment, let us make an assumption. Let us pretend that the assumption is true.

Let us assume that the Son of God paid us a visit for thirty-three years at and about the city of Jerusalem in a region of the earth called the Middle East more than two thousand years ago. 

Thirty-three years is an infinitesimally thin slice of time in comparison to the thickness of eternity (as is any other lifetime however long). Is it not a wonder in itself that the impact of one man who occupied this infinitesimally thin slice of time so long ago and so far away is still so powerfully felt here and now in the present? 

What does the thirty-three Visit tell us about the nature of God?

At Bethlehem, the Son of God came amongst us not above us as befits God but on the same level as us - as one of us - an equal to us in our humanity - a partner with us in our suffering. He came as an infant and, in poverty, He was born in a manger. He rubbed elbows with us. They say He pitched His tent amongst us.  Is this not proof of the humility of God?

During His life, He performed miracles for us. He fed the multitude. He healed the sick. He raised the dead. Is this not proof of the kindness of God?

After we tortured and killed Him at Calvary, He rose from the dead. Is this not proof of the omnipotence of God?

Furthermore and most importantly, after we tortured and killed Him at Calvary, He continued to love us nonetheless. Not only did He survive but His love for us survived. Through the wounds we opened in the body of the Son of God, buckets of His blood spilled and, upon this cataract of blood, His very life itself exited His body. However, not a drop - not a drop - of His love for us spilled. His heart stayed filled to the brim with love for us. Despite the evil we did to Him at Calvary, the dial that controls His love for us stayed set to the highest degree and stayed locked in place. Is this not proof that the nature of God - the very essence of divinity itself - is indestructible love for us?

Into our hands God has put the proof of His humility, His kindness, His omnipotence and His love for us. He put the proof into our hands so we would know with certainty the nature of God. 

Now let us stop pretending.

The thirty-three Visit that the Son of God paid to us is not an assumption. It is a fact. It is a historical fact. 

As I did, figure out for yourself what the thirty-three year Visit tells you about the nature of God. You have a brain. Put it to good use. Figure it out for yourself.

Did not Son of God give us proof of His humility?

Did not the Son of God give us proof of His kindness?

Did not the Son of God give us proof of His omnipotence?

Did not the Son of God give us proof that the essence of divinity is indestructible love for us?

God gave you the gift of rationality so you would use it to figure out the nature of God. It is time to exercise your gift. Remember, the truth shall set you free.