Who is God?

Have you found the answer to the question, 'Who is God?', or are you still searching for it? Tell us 

  1. what have you discovered so far about God and
  2. where did you find it.

What are your conclusions about God and what is the foundation upon which your conclusions rest?

What is the treasure of Christianity and where is the field in which it is located (Matthew 13:44)?

This website is not the place for a discussion about the rules and regulations that best govern the children of Adam and Eve as they make their way through the valley of tears. Oh, no! On the pages of this website is the answer to the question, "Who is God?".

Introduce us to your God. We want to meet him. Capture the reality of God in words as best as you can. Share with us the version of God that you hold in your head. How accurate is your version of God?' Is it up-to-date? Or is it antediluvian? Is it time for an upgrade? 

Who is your God? Can you answer the question? Moreover, what is the basis for your answer? Your answer is only as good as its basis (Persuasion). Tell me the reason you worship him. Do you know God? Or is he a stranger to you (John 10:5) (Psalm 69:9) (Exodus 2:22)? How well do you know him? 


'Who is God?'

All theological reasoning starts with a high fidelity representation of God. Start elsewhere and you proceed in the wrong direction - you get lost. First, capture the reality of God in a high fidelity representation. Then proceed elsewhere.


Is 25% Too Much to Ask?

God is not dead. Indeed, God is very much alive. However, the conversation about God is dead. Killing the conversation about God is tantamount to killing God. The enemies of the Church know this. The Church does not. The Church labors under the assumption that we already have an understanding of God. And, therefore, it is free to move on to other things such as morality. The assumption, however, is incorrect. The Church has jumped the gun. We do not yet have an understanding of God. God is a stranger to us and nobody follows a stranger . As a direct and proximate result of God being elbowed out of the conversation, the escape from slavery under the yoke of Pharaoh, through the valley of tears, to freedom with God and his holy family in the promised land is sputtering and stalling. Fewer and fewer are going to Mass. None are going to Confession. Marriages are falling apart. Mothers are murdering their babies. The priesthood is going extinct . The trend is downward and accelerating. The only sacrament holding its own is the sacrament of extreme unction and this is so only because the dying have little choice. The thermometer that gauges the temperature of the body of Christ is the practice of Christianity. By this measure, the patient is dying. The torch whose light illuminates the darkness of our understanding of God is the truths that emerged from his passion, death and resurrection. The truths that emerged from his passion, death and resurrection illuminate the darkness of our understanding of God in a glorious burst of epiphany. The first priority of religion is illuminating the darkness of our understanding of God. Everything else is secondary. Illuminating the darkness of our understanding of God is the foundation of evangelization. Get the foundation right and everything falls into place. Get the foundation wrong and everything falls apart. Therefore, it is time to stop squandering the conversation. It is time to change the ratio of the content of the conversation to more foundation and less roof. More pizzazz; less nitty-gritty. More Mary; less Martha. More revelation; less regulation. More God; less Church. No change in doctrine; just a change in emphasis - a tweak, nothing more. Can we stop excluding God from the conversation? Can we devote at least 25% of the conversation to God? Is 25% too much to ask?