God is not a cruel bastard. God is not a misanthropic monster. He is not a sadist. God is a philanthropist. He is pro-humanity not anti-humanity. He recognizes the harshness of the medicine he is prescribing to inoculate us against our tendency to fumble the gift of paradise. It is a gross understatement to say that stewing in the valley of tears is not easy. The crosses that nail themselves to us as we pass through the valley of tears are  merciless and many. Therefore, in his mercy, God took steps to mitigate the harshness of our passage through the valley of tears. God diluted the horrors of the valley of tears. God dulled the sharpness of the edge of our crosses with measures of mitigation. God created a safe harbor - a Goldilocks's zone - for us as we pass through the valley of tears. 

Adding the sweetness of paradise to the sourness of godlessness dilutes its bitterness as sweet sugar cubes dilute the bitterness of a cup of coffee. (Note: Jesus is the sweetness of paradise.)