Heaven's Customer Service Department

Letting us stew in the inconvenient truth of the valley of tears like pickles in a barrel of brine generates all of the complaints about God's rescue plan. The harshness of the valley of tears keeps the customer service department of paradise busy. More than a few have cursed their bitter experience in the valley of tears in the foulest of language and waved their fists against God. It is the basis that drives many to the incorrect conclusion that God is a malicious misanthrope instead of a benevolent philanthropist. Put the blame for our dire predicament in the valley of tears, however, on the proper culprit. God did not put us in the valley of tears. The serpent did. God started humanity in paradise. At the most, God can be blamed for not extricating us from the valley of tears as quickly as we would like. God's rescue of us is too slow. 'What took you so long?' 'Why did you procrastinate?'  are our only legitimate complaints against God. Yet, even this complaint is unwarranted. A life is but an infinitesimally thin slice of time compared to the thickness of eternity. Moreover, it gets thinner and thinner with the passage of time. In other words, our rescue won’t be long now. Have patience and wait for the Lord.