What are the Credentials of Divinity?

What distinguishes our genuine God from the many counterfeit gods - the frauds who try to deceive us? What are the credentials of divinity? The credentials of divinity manifest themselves by the successful cultivation of the flower of love in the toxic soil of brutal hostility - when love survives torture and death . A person who claims to be God or to stand in persona Christi is an impostor unless he can show you his credentials. Demand a demonstration from any claimant to divinity of his credentials . Expose the frauds who cannot show you their credentials. Remember that the serpent had no credentials. Jesus, on the other hand, flashed his credentials to us in his passion, death and resurrection. He clung to his love for us, held tight and refused to let go even though we tortured and killed him.

The only valid consecration is clinging to love, holding tight and refusing to let go while being chewed up into bits and pieces by the sharp teeth of adversity. Any other type of consecration is playing the child's game of make believe. Any other type of consecration is a mockery of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Some advocate to others to give up their lives for their neighbors. Others give up their lives for their neighbors. Who is more persuasive? Who are the sheep more willing to follow? The pompous blowhard who advocates that which he has not done or the shepherd who has laid down his life for sheep?