The Transformation of Sinners into Saints takes place at the Holy Places and God is the Agent of Transformation not Us.

God performs the work of transformation at the holy places where we experience close encounters with the living God. A sinner cannot transform himself. The Church cannot transform a sinner. Only God can transform a sinner into a saint. Transformation requires close encounters with the living God at the Holy Places. The Holy Places define the escape route through the valley of tears from slavery under the yoke of Pharaoh to freedom with God and his holy family in the promised land. The Holy Places are the landmarks that define the road to paradise. God gave the Church the map of the Holy Places. The Church knows the way. The job of the Church is to get the children of Adam and Eve to the Holy Places so God can transform them. Get out of the way. Let God do his job. Get out of God's way.

Have you ever spent time with a Person who loves you?

Jesus loves you more than your mother - more than your father - more than anyone who has ever loved you. Spend time with the people who love you. Spend time with Jesus. Put yourself into his presence so he can love you and you can love him. There are spaces filled with people who love you. Find them. Enter them. Occupy them. Your home is with them. Go home.

"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." .

Morality is the crown of glory that Christian wear as they make their escape through the valley of tears. Morality is the effect of becoming a Christian not its cause. Morality is the roof of a Christian not its foundation. The children need to be taught reading, writing and arithmetic before they can learn calculus. The farmer needs to plow the field and plant the seed before the crop will grow. The children of Adam and Eve needed to become Christians before they will behave as Christians behave.