The Conversation about God is Dead

God is not dead. Indeed, God is very much alive. However, the conversation about God is dead. Killing the conversation about God is tantamount to killing God. The enemies of the Church know this. The Church does not. As a result, the escape of the new exodus led by the new Moses, the Church, through the valley of tears from godlessness to paradise is sputtering and stalling. Fewer and fewer are going to Mass. None are going to Confession. Marriages are falling apart. Mothers are murdering their babies. The priesthood is going extinct ["We are facing a “haemorrhage” that weakens consecrated life and the very life of the Church."] . The trend is downward and accelerating. The only sacrament holding its own is the sacrament of extreme unction and this is so only because the dead have no choice.

Conflicts in the Representations We Create of God

 Many false, inaccurate and conflicting representations of God circulate through the minds of the children of Adam and Eve. The multiplicity of representations creates confusion.  “This is God” some say as they point to their favorite representation of God.  Others point to a different representation and say, “No, this is God.” The controversy goes on ad infinitum. Because of the confusion, the most Holy Trinity desired to set the record straight once and forever. They decided to clear the air. Thus, they sent the Son of God from heaven to publish here on earth the autobiography of God. In the autobiography of God, we are given a fair and accurate representation of God - an authentic, first-class, high fidelity representation of God whose fidelity is unmatched by the low fidelity representations of God made by human hands. In fact, the low fidelity of human made representations is the reason God banned us from making them in the first place . Better no representation than an inaccurate representation.  All lesser representations of God, therefore, must yield to the representation God gave us in his autobiography.

There are many versions of God. How accurate is your version of God? Is your version up to date? Ot is it antediluvian? Is the version that you are using still God 1.0? If so, it is time to upgrade. Our understanding of God has improved since the Autobiography of God was written.