The Cross of Christ is not Well Understood in Christianity

Jesus impaled bloody and alive like a worm on a hook hangs from the Cross of Christ. He is the bait that the most Holy Trinity cast into the valley of tears to fish for the children of Adam and Eve .  The Cross is the crossroads of salvation . All roads lead to the Cross.

However, the Cross is not well understood in Christianity.

The Cross holds three gallons of information. Unfortunately, many who contemplate the Cross have only a one gallon tank. A one gallon tank cannot handle three gallons of information. Therefore, to understand the Cross, it is first necessary to expand your capacity threefold - thrice like the Trinity.

One gallon of information is held in the Crucifixion on the near side of the Cross.

One gallon of information is held in the Resurrection on the far side of the Cross.

One gallon of information is held in the relationship of question and answer that weaves its way through his bloody wounds to connect the Crucifixion and the Resurrection together into a conversation - the greatest conversation that has ever taken place between us and our God!

Are you privy to the conversation?

The Crucifixion and the Resurrection are not independent, unrelated events. They are two parts of a conversation. The Crucifixion was our question to him. The Resurrection was his answer to us.

What exactly did we ask him in our question?

What exactly did he say to us in his answer?

Are you not curious?