God rigs the game in our favor. The playing surface is not on the level. It tilts downward from godlessness to paradise. God wants us to hit the jackpot. Our return to our home in paradise with God and his holy family is the jackpot.

The sourness of godlessness is the engine that pushes us to its exit.

The sweetness of paradise is the engine that pulls us to its entrance.

The current of salvation flows from the sourness of godlessness to the sweetness of paradise.

At the nexus between paradise and godlessness, the great leap from time to eternity is made through the bloody wounds we opened in the body of Christ.

The current of salvation sweeps us up off of our feet and carries us back to our home with God and his holy family in paradise (except the contrary who perversely swim against it).

The potential difference between the sweetness of paradise and the sourness of godlessness drives rational creatures from godlessness to paradise.

The Current of Salvation

Imagine the progress we shall make when we swim with the current instead of against it!

Like foolish children, Adam and Eve ran away from their home with God in paradise and took with them their children into the valley of tears. The valley of tears is hostile territory. As we pass through it, we get nailed to terrible crosses including the most terrible of crosses, death. None of us escapes them - not even the rich man whose riches barely keep the crosses temporarily at bay . In the valley of tears, their predicament is dire. I extended an offer to rescue them from their dire predicament in the valley of tears. The only question that is open is whether or not they will accept my offer. In my mercy, I have "rigged the game" to help them to make the right decision. The "game" is not "on the level". The "playing surface" is tilted in their favor. I have built two powerful engines that produce the gravity of salvation. The gravity of salvation causes the current of salvation to flow downhill from the valley of tears into paradise. The current of salvation sweeps them off their feet and returns them to their home with me and their holy family in paradise. Only fools swim against the current of salvation. On my left is the sourness of godlessness. It is the poweful engine that pushes them out of the valley of tears to its exit. Godlessness is autodidactic. As they pass through the valley of tears, they taste for themselves the sourness of a life without God. The valley of tears is the flame into which they put their fingers to discover the hotness of the fire. Without God, the valley of tears is inhospitable. On my right is the sweetness of paradise. It is the powerful engine that pulls them to the entrance of paradise. My power built paradise for them; my love for them makes paradise sweet. My offer to rescue them from their dire predicament in the valley of tears is irrevocable because my love for them is irrevocable. My love for them ought to have faded as they tortured me and died when they killed me. But it did not. My love for them survived the evil they did to me . That I continue to love them nonetheless after they tortured and killed me is the irrefutable proof of the indestructiblity of my love for them. I forgave them the evil that they did to me . However, a great abyss separates the valley of tears and paradise . I straddle it because I am the way, the truth, and the life . Through my bloody wounds, the great leap from time to eternity is made . I am appealing to their faculty of rationality not to their faculty of obedience. Their faculty of obedience is broken. It has been broken since the age of Adam and Eve. I wish to persuade them with my love not conquer them with my omnipotence. Rational creatures flee the sourness of godlessness and seek the sweetness of paradise. It is contrary to their self-interest to do otherwise. It is crazy to do otherwise. Fueled by the truth, their rationality steers them in the right direction. When the truth is fouled by illusions, their rationality leads them astray. Therefore, pick up the sledgehammers of truth and wield them against the illusions to shatter them as the blow of a hammer shatters glass. When the illusions are shattered and the truth becomes visible to them, they will ask the great question of life, "How do we get there from here - from godlessness to paradise?". When the great question of life is asked, the time is ripe for my Church to interject and say, "We have the map and know the way." Getting them to ask the questions is critical to their salvation. A teacher with all of the answers is superflous in a school whose students ask no questions. A Church that has the map and knows the way is likewise superflous without anyone interested in escaping from their dire predicament in the valley of tears. Furthermore, I sent them the Holy Spirit. My Holy Spirit is tugging at their souls . The curious are following the tug back to its source. Along the way, the curious are exploring the mystery, majesty and magnificence of God. They accept my offer to rescue them from their dire predicament in the valley of tears by becoming curious. They reject it when they swim against the current of salvation.