The Best and Most Accurate Way to Articulate God's Love for Us

It is correct but inadequate to say that God love us. You do a disservice to God when you just say that 'God loves us'. In the Autobiography of God, brutal ugliness was juxtaposed against sublime beauty. We supplied the brutal ugliness (the Crucifixion). The Son of God supplied the sublime beauty (the Resurrection) . The contrast between our ugliness and His beauty highlights and emphasizes and intensifies and magnifies and amplifies and accentuates His beauty. If you leave out our brutal ugliness when you say that 'God loves us', you sacrifice the highlight, the emphasis, the intensification, the magnification, the amplification and the accentuation of his love for us. He did not just love us. He loved us despite the evil that we did to him - the ringer we put him through - the cruel baptism into which we immersed him - the Cross on which we impaled him bloody and alive like a worm on a hook. Now, that is love! The persistence of his love for us is extraordinarily surprising given that we are directly responsible - indefensibly guilty - for the barbaric adversity through which he passed . Wow! Therefore, never forget to include the amplifier. 'The Son of God loves us even though we tortured and killed him' is a superior articulation of God's love for us because it includes the amplifier. A word to the wise is sufficient.