Ours is the God with a sense of humor! How can we not be attracted to a God with a sense of humor ? In Revelation 3:20, God gave us the paradigm for the knock-knock joke.  How cool is that? Furthermore, behold the role that God assigned food to play in our fall and in our rise. We ate our way into trouble with a snack (the apple). Would it not, therefore, be appropriate if we could eat our way out of trouble with a snack? Indeed, we eat our way out of trouble with the bread and wine of the most Holy Eucharist.  The symmetry of the snack by which we get into and out of trouble is so perfect - the role of food in our rise and fall is so frivolous - that it can only be the work of God. No mere mortal could write such a comedy. No one would believe it. Dinner is ready. Supper is on the table. Dilly-dally no longer. All is well. Let's eat.