The Mathematics of Divinity

To understand the mathematics of divinity requires that we move beyond independent whole numbers to interrelated fractions. Fractions compare two numbers. Comparison is a structure that conveys meaning in addition to the separate meaning conveyed by the content of the comparison. Any attempt to describe divinity is defective that does not include a comparison. A comparison is essential to the creation of a high fidelity representation of God. To create a high fidelity representation of God, what needs to be compared? The first item that belongs in our comparison is the Crucifixion - our brutal hostility to him. We tortured and killed him. He suffered and died. He paid for the publication here on earth of the autobiography of God with his life. Exorbitant is the price of publication, no ? He paid the exorbitant price not from his limitless divine resources. He paid the exorbitant price from his limited human resources. He paid them all for us. He kept not a penny for himself. He has never paid more for anything else. The Crucifixion is the denominator of the divine fraction. The numerator of the divine fraction is the Resurrection. The Resurrection - his gentle answer to our brutal hostility - is the second item that belongs in our comparison. He did not stay dead and he did not stop loving us. He emerged from the dead still alive and still in love with us. That he did not stay dead is the proof of the power of Jesus. Nobody emerges from the dead. He did. That he did not stop loving us is the proof that our conception of divinity as power is incomplete. Divinity is also love. Wow! In non mathematical language, the divine fraction can be expressed as follows: Resurrection / Crucifixion. How many times does the denominator go into the numerator? An infinite number of times. The result is an irrational number  . His answer to our brutal hostility was unexpected. The intransigency of his love for sinners does not make any sense. Divinity is the indissoluble marriage between power and love - a mysteriously intransigent, inexplicably persistent and radically stubborn love .