In the fullness of time, our sighs, mourning a weeping as we passed through the valley of tears (Salve Regina) left our lips, reached God's ear and broke God's heart. The most Holy Trinity dispatched the Son of God to mitigate the severity of our passage through the valley of tears. The Son of God was sent to pitch his tent amongst us to reacquaint the children of Adam and Eve with the sweetness of paradise.

Our God is the indissoluble marriage between power and love for us. His power made paradise for us. His love for us, however, makes paradise sweet. 

The sourness of godlessness is an engine that pushes us to the exit of the valley of tears. The sweetness of paradise is also an engine. The sweetness of paradise pulls us to the entrance of paradise. 

Rational creatures seek the sweetness of paradise and flee the sourness of godlessness. It is contrary to our self-interest to do otherwise. It is crazy to do otherwise.


God took steps to mitigate the harshness of our passage through the valley of tears. They include:

1) He limited the duration of our passage through the valley of tears to no more than a lifetime.

2) He built an escape route through the valley of tears, defined it with holy places, made a map of them, established a Church, entrusted the map to the Church and gave the Church the job as the new Moses to serve the new exodus as it makes its escape from slavery under the yoke of Pharaoh to freedom with God and his holy family in the promised land.

3) He transported from heaven to earth "grease" to lubricate the wheels of our passage through the valley of tears.