What is the best way to pass through the Valley of Tears?

 What is the best way to pass through the Valley of Tears? The best way to pass through the Valley of Tears is in a state of companionship with Jesus. Grow intimate with him. Let him escort you through the Valley of Tears. Stay with Jesus. Through thick and thin, stay with him (Deuteronomy 31:17). Do not run away (Matthew 26:56) (Matthew 26:31). Do not substitute false gods for him. Jesus did not pay us a visit to make our passage through the Valley of Tears harder. He came to make our passage easier. He came to mitigate our dire predicament in the Valley of Tears not to aggravate it. He came to take us off the hook not put us on the hook. From heaven to earth, Jesus transported "grease" that lubricase the wheels of our passage through the Valley of Tears. Love is the grease. Jesus hung from his Cross to teach us how to hang from our crosses. Despite the evil we did to him, He clung to his love for us, held tight and refused to let go. Therefore, when you hang as Jesus hung, cling as Jesus clung, love as Jesus loved. Hold tight and refuse to let go of love, sufferings invincible foe. Like Jesus, fill your hearts to the brim with love (Matthew 6:30 - 33) so you can fill the space you occupy with love. Only love kicks sufferings a@@.

My goal is to succeed in the escape - to make my escape through the Valley of Tears from slavery under the yoke of Pharoah to freedom with God and his Holy Family in the promised land - and to help others achieve the same. My goal is not to achieve the status of a full fledged, card-carrying Catholic. Status does not interest me. I do not strive to be a "stepford wife" of the Church. I worry less about my identity as Catholic and more about the identity of Jesus. From my Church, I want more revelation and less regulation. I want a prophet who preaches the truth to me not a king who tries to rule me. More pizzazz; less nitty-gritty. More Mary; less Martha. No change in doctrine; just a change in emphasis - a tweak, nothing more. Can we stop excluding the truth from the conversation? Can we devote at least 25% of the conversation to the truth both sour and sweet? Is 25% too much to ask?

It is time to change the ratio of the content of the conversatio