Fishing for the Children of Adam and Eve

With what do we bait the hook and cast into the Valley of Tears to fish for the children of Adam and Eve (Matthew 4:19)? The bait is the revelation that our God is our almighty lover. Our God is our friend not our foe. He wants to help us not to hurt us. He is a philanthropist not a sadist. Whom shall we fear? Of whom shall we be afraid (Psalm 27)? Will our almighty lover ever let us down? Will he ever disappoint? According to the law of symmetry, love jumps the gap between lover and beloved. Love begets love. "We love him, because he first loved us." (1 John 4: 19). Love inflates deflated hearts with love. The most Sacred Heart of Jesus overflows with love. His cup runneth over like the dewfall (Luke 22:20) (Psalm 23:5). From God’s heart our hearts receive a transfusion of love. The transfusion of love is invigorating. It vivifies us. It brings the dead to life. When our hearts are filled to the brim with love as Jesus’s heart was, we are born again into the kingdom of God.


The Mismanagement of Christianity

We have excluded God’s love for us from the conversation. We rather be busy with other things than with God’s love for us. Christianity is the home of God in the Valley of Tears. We have evicted God from his home. God is now homeless and Christianity is now godless. We have turned God’s home over to other, lesser aspects of Christianity. Our focus has been hijacked by little things. Minutiae has sidetracked us. The conversation of Christianity is all regulation and no revelation. We have allowed our God and his love for us to become a stranger to us and nobody follows a stranger (John 10:5) (Psalm 69:8) (Exodus 2:22).


God is the King who Loves us not the King who Rules us

God is the king who loves us not the king who rules us. In the kingdom of the king who loves us, the citizens govern themselves. We desire to please him. We trip all over ourselves in our eagerness to please him (John 18:36). The Church and its clerics are wise to do likewise.


The UnBalanced Portfolio

The Church claims the king's role in matters of faith and morals (CCC 890). However, its portfolio of faith and morals is unbalanced. It is out of whack. The Church has mismanaged it. The Church has taken a larger position in morals than it has in faith - much larger. Morals has eclipsed faith. Regulation has replaced revelation. The Marthas have replaced the Marys (Luke 10:38-42). The nitty-gritty of Christianity has replaced the pizzazz. By failing to bait the hook with the pizzazz of Christianity, the Church is no longer catching fish (Matthew 4:19). Much worse, the Church is no longer keeping them. The fish are jumping out of the barque of Peter.