We punctuated his body with bloody wounds.


What type of punctuation marks are his bloody wounds?

Before he completed the test on the road from the Crucifixion to the Resurrection, his bloody wounds were question marks. After he completed the test, his bloody wounds became exclamation marks.


Punctuation Marks

Punctuation marks stand between the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. The Crucifixion is the sharp question we shouted at Jesus. The Resurrection is the gentle answer he whispered back to us. His bloody wounds are the question marks that stand between our question and his answer (Isaiah 53:5) (1 Peter 2:24). Why are his bloody wounds question marks? At the time our evil opened bloody wounds in his body, we did not know the answer Jesus would give us in response to our question. The answer he would give us to the evil we did to him was - at the time - a mystery. The reasonable expectation was that the evil we did to him would trigger his reflex for revenge, retaliation and retribution. "An eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot" (Exodus 21:24.) 



 GOD DOES NOT JUST LOVE US. GOD LOVES US EVEN THOUGH WE TORTURED AND KILLED HIM. Wow! Now, that's love! The Crucifixion is the exclamation point that we affixed to the sentence, 'God loves us'. When you express the fact that God loves us dearly, never forget the exclamation point. Jesus is the expression of God's love for us - its incarnation (1 John 4:9). What type of literature is the Word of God(John 1:1)? The Word of God is a love note - a love note from God to us. We punctuated his body with bloody wounds. Buckets of blood spilled through the wounds that our evil opened in his body. His very life itself was carried out of his body through the wounds on a cataract of blood. Yet, not a drop - not a drop - of his love for us followed his blood through the wounds and out of his body. His most sacred heart stayed filled to the brim with love for us. While his life slipped away, Jesus clung to that which was most important. He clung to his love for us, held tight and refused to let go.