The Debacle

Our Downward Trip from Paradise into the Valley of Tears

Like foolish children, Adam and Eve ran away from their home with God in paradise and took us with them into the Valley of Tears. The Valley of Tears is not a nice place.

To induce us to exit Eden and enter the Valley of Tears, the serpent sugarcoated the Valley of Tears with the illusion of deification - that we would become gods without God there (Genesis 3:5). The sugarcoating appealed to our sweet tooth. The promise of the power of God drew us away from God in paradise and into the godlessness of the Valley of Tears. The sugarcoating that the serpent poured over the sour truth of the Valley of Tears distorted our perception of reality. Rationality steers the ship. The truth is the fuel of our rationality. When fueled by the the truth, our rationality steers us in the right direction. When the fuel of truth is fouled by illusion, our rationality leads us astray (John 8:44).