Our Crosses Generate Anti-God Propaganda


 Jesus Commandeered a Cross and Reconfigured its Message to Neutralize the Serpent's Anti-God Propaganda

 To neutralize the the serpent’s anti-God propaganda, Jesus commandeered a cross - the instrument of our woe - and repurposed it to offer us a contradiction. The testimony that Jesus offered us on the road from the Crucifixion to the Resurrection - in a demonstration of divinity - tells us that God is head over heals in love with us. Our crosses testify to a loveless God. We are at a standoff. The evidence conflicts. How do we resolve the conflict in the evidence? What breaks the tie? As Adam and Eve did, we conduct our own investigatation. Like Jacob, we wrestle with God in an attempt to reconcile the conflicting evidence. We solve the problem of evil. We figure out the truth for ourselves.