God paid us a visit for thirty-three years at and about the city of Jerusalem more than two thousand years ago. The Visit took place in the boodocks of time and space. News of the Visit was not going to propagate itself from then and there to us here and now. 

The Mountain of God

The Catholic Church has one thing going for it that others do not. It has penetrated the fog that envelops the mountain of God (Psalm 24:3).  Some only see the fog. Others see no more than the bottom layer or two. The Catholic Church sees all three layers of the mountain of God. The bottom of the mountain is God's love for us. It is the foundation that supports everything else.  The middle is the thirty-three year Visit of the Son of God to us at and about the city of Jerusalem in a region of the earth called the middle east more than two thousand years ago during which the apocalypse of God's indestructible love for us took place. We tortured and killed the Son of God; yet, He continued to love us nonetheless. The top of the mountain is the Mass. The three layered mountain of God - God's love for us, the Visit and the Mass - is the prized possession of the Catholic Church. It is the core of Catholicism. It draws many from godlessness to God.

Far be it for me to get between the Holy Spirit and the Curious

There is a school of thought that thinking is what defines a Catholic. This school of thought requires that to be a Catholic your thinking must be consubstantial with the official thinking of the Catholic Church. 

 However, it is not thinking that makes a Catholic. 

It is seeking that makes a Catholic. We become Catholic feet first. We become Catholic first with our feet and then with our heads. Revelation before regulation. Devotion before doctrine. 

A Catholic is someone who seeks God at the Catholic holy places. Like foolish children, Adam and Eve ran away from their home with God in paradise and took us with them into godlessness. Godless is not a nice place. To rescue us from godlessness, God established an escape route, defined it with holy places, made a map of them and entrusted the map to the Church. The Church is leading a new exodus on the escape route through the hostile desert of godlessness from slavery under the yoke of Pharaoh to freedom with God and their holy family in the promised land. The Church is the new Moses. The escape from godlessness to God is primary. Nothing else matters. Everything else is secondary. Anything that interferes is suspect. 

At the holy places, close encounters with the living God take place. No one walks away from a close encounter with the living God unchanged. No one walks away from a close encounter with the living God empty handed.

Bread and wine, when consecrated by a priest, are the throne of the Son of God upon the earth.  The throne is found in the palace of the Mass.

The school of thought that thinking defines a Catholic wants us to get our heads straight before they would allow us to seek God at the Catholic holy places. Without our heads being screwed on straight, we are lesser Catholics unworthy to seek God. 

The school of thought that seeking defines a Catholic holds the opinion that only the grace of God can get our heads straight. We do not have the power to get our heads straight ourselves. Right thinking is a byproduct of seeking God. We cannot help ourselves. Only God can help us.

You subscribe to one or the other schools of thought. Where do you stand?

For me, I would welcome everybody who has the desire to seek God. I would bar none. The Holy Spirit is tugging at our souls and the curious follow the tug back to its source. Far be it for me to get in the way of the curious and the Holy Spirit! Perhaps some of you are bolder than I.