Love of God for us

The Mountain of God

The Catholic Church has one thing going for it that others do not. It has penetrated the fog that envelops the mountain of God (Psalm 24:3).  Some only see the fog. Others see no more than the bottom layer or two. The Catholic Church sees all three layers of the mountain of God. The bottom of the mountain is God's love for us. It is the foundation that supports everything else.  The middle is the thirty-three year Visit of the Son of God to us at and about the city of Jerusalem in a region of the earth called the middle east more than two thousand years ago during which the apocalypse of God's indestructible love for us took place. We tortured and killed the Son of God; yet, He continued to love us nonetheless. The top of the mountain is the Mass. The three layered mountain of God - God's love for us, the Visit and the Mass - is the prized possession of the Catholic Church. It is the core of Catholicism. It draws many from godlessness to God.