Insensitivity to Sin

How sensitive is the Son of God to our sins?

To evaluate the sensitivity of the Son of God to our sins, we must look both at the bloody wounds we opened in the body of Christ and through them. The bloody wounds have not one but two sides, a near side and a far side. The near side and the far side are connected together by the bloody wounds so that the story that unfolded on their near side can amplify the story that unfolded on their far side. The story that unfolded on their far side is a radical surprise on account of the story that unfolded on their near side. 

When we look at the near side of his bloody wounds, we see his ignominious defeat. We see that we tortured and killed him. He suffered and died. We see the sin of sins. What worse evil could we have done to him than torture and kill him while he was human, alive, tender, vulnerable and our guest upon the earth? However, his bloody wounds are not just evidence of the evil we did to him. His bloody wounds are a telescope. When we look through them to their far side, we see his glorious victory. We catch a glimpse of heaven from right here on earth. We see that his heart stayed filled to the brim with love for us. Buckets of blood spilled through the bloody wounds we opened in the body of Christ but not a drop - not a drop - of his love for us spilled. Wow! The evil we did to him neither extinguished the love that burns for us in his most sacred heart nor reduced it by even the slightest degree. 

That the sin of sins did not have an impact on his love for us tells us in no uncertain terms that our lesser sins have no impact on his love for us.

The evil we did to him ought to have had an impact on his love for us.

The evil we did to him ought to have, at the very least, pissed him off. It ought to have antagonized him. It ought to have earned us a place on his shit list. It ought to have provoked his natural instinct for justice. It ought to have triggered his reflex for revenge, retaliation and retribution (Romans 12:19). It ought to have transformed him into our enemy - into a misanthropic monster - into the God who hates us. It ought to have shifted God from the pro-human team to the anti-human team with the serpent and his minions. When the fuse is lit, the bomb ordinarily explodes. But, remarkably, it did not. The fuse worked but the bomb was a dud (Isaiah 55:8-9). We gave him good cause to repay us in kind, but he did not (Romans 12:19). The evil we did to him did not extinguish his love for us or reduce it by even the slightest degree. He clung to his love for us, held tight and refused to let go.  God let us get away with murder - with deicide. Such is the nature of God! Wow! Our God is a beneficent philanthropist not a misanthropic monster. We tried but failed to drain his heart of love for us. This is the good news of great joy - very good news for us indeed. 

He is immune to our sins (Romans 5:8). 

There is a disconnect between our sins and his love for us. He did not put the dial of sin into our hands so we could control his love for us. The dial that controls his love for us is in his hands not in ours. Moreover, it is set to the highest degree and is locked in place.

To "control" our sins, He smothers our sins in his love. His love for us is the water. Our sins are the fire. The water smothers the fire and his love for us smothers our sins.

Jesus is our king. His palace is the Mass. His throne is the most Holy Eucharist. His kingdom is at hand. He is not the typical king and his kingdom is not the typical kingdom. He broke the mold for kingship. He is not the king who rules us. He is the king who loves us. In place of rules, regulations, red tape and rigmarole, the means by which he governs us is love. In the kingdom of the king who loves us, the citizens govern themselves. We desire to please him. We trip all over ourselves in our eagerness to please him. Wow! Where do I sign up? How do I enlist? How do I join the kingdom of the King who loves sinners like me (Romans 5:8)

God is not like us. His ways our not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. .