Disconnecting the Results from the Test

"God loves us."

A true statement but insufficient. It presents a result of the test but leaves out the test. When we include the test, we can see how much God loves us. 

We stuffed Jesus into the black hole of death after torturing him. He emerged from the black hole of death still in love with us. Wow!

His love for us was put to the test of adversity. It did not fail the test. It passed the test. It survived. His love for us ought to have faded as we tortured him and ought to have died when we killed him. Surprisingly, it did not. His love for us survived the evil we did to him.

Therefore, always include the test when you state the results.

He continues to love us nonetheless even though we tortured and killed him.

He love us despite the evil we did to him.

The last two sentences state both the test and the result.