The Virginity of Mary

God impregnated Mary with the treasure chest that carried the knowledge of God from heaven to earth. She was the treasure chest of the treasure chest. The value of the treasure required the purity of virginity to carry it. Nothing less would do. She lost her virginity to the one true God. With respect to other gods, she was a virgin.  

Transporting the Knowledge of God from Heaven to Earth

The yeast of divinity came to leaven the mud of humanity with the knowledge of God

The knowledge of God, it was decided, would be transported from heaven to earth and into the hands of the children of Adam and Eve.

The knowledge of God is the treasure in the treasure chest of Christianity.

Arising from this decision was the question, ‘what package would be appropriate to hold and carry the knowledge of God during its journey?’. Ordinarily, to hold and carry knowledge, knowledge is put into a book or into some other traditional repository of knowledge. However, not in this case. The knowledge of God was so valuable that no ordinary, conventional, no-frills, humdrum repository would have been suitable. A package equal in dignity to its cargo was desired.

Indeed, in this case, a treasure chest was needed because the knowledge of God is the most precious of treasures.

Therefore, into an extraordinary treasure chest, the knowledge of God was poured. The treasure chest was unique. It lived and breathed and had its own exalted being. Into Jesus, the knowledge of God was poured. During His Visit to us, the Son of God shared the treasure with us. He made us rich. 

When the Church shares the knowledge of God with us, the Church makes us rich. The knowledge of God is the most precious of treasures.