The Mass

Why do I go to Mass? I go for very selfish reasons. I go for the treasure. The Mass is one of the places - there are others - where the treasure is buried. In the manner of pirates, the most Holy Trinity bury heaven’s most precious treasure on earth at Mass in tiny scraps of bread and small sips of wine (Revelation 3:18). Heaven’s most precious treasure is making me rich. Going to Mass is like going to the bank and making a withdrawal from someone else’s account whose owner is overjoyed to share his wealth with me (Matthew 6:19-21).

The Mass is the party that the most Holy Trinity throw for the Son of God to celebrate his victory over the serpent. What is the victory being celebrated?  The serpent attempted to extinguish the bonfire of love that burns for us in the most sacred heart of the Son of God. We tortured and killed him. He suffered and died. Yet, he did not stay dead and he did not stop loving us.

Recall that the evil we did to him ought to have, at the very least, pissed him off. It ought to have antagonized him. It ought to have earned us a place on his shit list. It ought to have provoked his natural instinct for justice. It ought to have triggered his reflex for revenge, retaliation and retribution. It ought to have transformed him into our enemy - into a misanthropic monster - into the God who hates us. It ought to have shifted God from the pro-human team to the anti-human team with the serpent and his minions. When the fuse is lit, the bomb ordinarily explodes. But, remarkably, it did not. The fuse worked but the bomb was a dud . The evil we did to him did not extinguish his love for us or reduce it by even the slightest degree . He clung to his love for us, held tight and refused to let go. God let us get away with murder - with deicide . Such is the nature of God ! Wow! Our God is a beneficent philanthropist not a misanthropic monster. This is the good news of great joy - very good news for us indeed.

God is our king. His palace is the Mass. His throne is the most Holy Eucharist. His kingdom is at hand.