Jesus was a dud. Alleluia!

We lit the fuse but the bomb did not go off.

To understand Jesus, do not ask yourself, "What happened?". That is the wrong question. Ask yourself, "What didn't happen?".

We lit the fuse of the bomb. We tortured and killed him. This ought to have pissed him off. This ought to have triggered his reflex for revenge, retaliation and retribution. The normal pattern of cause and effect ought to have held true. The bomb ought to have exploded. However, it did not. The bomb did not explode. Our God was a dud. Thanks be to God (Isaiah 55:8-9).

We killed him but He did not stay dead.

We tortured him but He did not stop loving us.

In addition,

He did not revoke the invitation to follow him back to our home in paradise. He kept the invitation open.

He did not confiscate the knowledge of God that he had distributed to us during his life. He let us keep it.

We lit the fuse. The bomb didn't explode.

The veil fell. Jesus revealed himself. What do you see? What do the facts tell you about the nature of God? What do the facts say? The facts speak to you. Listen to their message. Hear what they say. The very purpose of the exercise was to reveal to us the nature of God. 

What emerged from the evil baptism into which we immersed him? That the bomb did not explode tells us much about the nature of God.

That he did not stay dead is the proof that Jesus is God. However, that he did not stop loving us tells us so much more about God. That he did not stop loving us tells us that divinity is love. 

What more can we ask for? Ours is an omnipotent God who loves us dearly and who possesses a radical patience for the misdeeds of the children of Adam and Eve (Psalm 103:8). 

How do we persuade them that we love them dearly? We let them torture and kill us. We rise from the dead. And we continue to love them nonetheless. If this does not persuade them, nothing can or will.