The Ban on Women in the Workplace

The argument is that Jesus discriminated against women in his work force, therefore, the Church discriminates against women in its workforce. When the premise of an argument is false, the conclusion is specious. (But see, ORDINATIO SACERDOTALIS by clicking here "I declare that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church's faithful..")

Are we persuaded?

The vestigial arrogance of the bosses of the medieval, monarchical, and masculine Church is summed up in the 1906 encyclical of Pope Pius X titled Vehementer Nos“, in which he denounced France for its passage of a law establishing the separation of church and state

"The Scripture teaches us, and the tradition of the Fathers confirms the teaching, that the Church is the mystical body of Christ, ruled by the Pastors and Doctors — a society of men containing within its own fold chiefs who have full and perfect powers for ruling, teaching and judging. It follows that the Church is essentially an unequal society, that is, a society comprising two categories of persons, the Pastors and the flock, those who occupy a rank in the different degrees of the hierarchy and the multitude of the faithful. So distinct are these categories that with the pastoral body only rests the necessary right and authority for promoting the end of the society and directing all its members towards that end; the one duty of the multitude is to allow themselves to be led, and, like a docile flock, to follow the Pastors.

In medieval times, when the Church tried to ram doctrine down our throats, we docilely swallowed it. But the Church has taught us to read, write and think for ourselves. In modern times, when the Church tries to ram doctrine down our throats, our reaction is different.  The act of ramming doctrine down our throats triggers our gag reflex. We tend to regurgitate it. 

The ability to read, write and think for ourselves - to reason for ourselves - is crucial to our salvation. When we are in possession of the truth, our rationality steers our free wills in the right direction. Rational people seek the sweetness of paradise and flee the sourness of godlessness. It is contrary to our self-interest to do otherwise. The job of the Church is to show us the truth. The job of the Church is not to overpower our rationality and free wills by dint of its claimed omnipotence.

Jesus chose to be a male. Therefore, only males can be Christians. Stupid logic, no?