Shifting the Paradigm from the Ptolemy to Copernicus

    As Galileo Galilei let it be known, let it be known that sin is not the center of the Christian solar system. Christianity does not revolve around sin. Sin is not the hub and everything does not have to be defined in reference to it. Like Pluto, sin is a minor, dwarf planet that revolves around something else. It has its place in the solar system but it is not the star. The God who loves sinners is the star. The Church, however, thinks sin is the star. 
    The Church starts at sin and works outward. From sin, the spokes of the Church radiate as horns radiate from the head of the devil. The Church is in desperate need of a change in focus. Geocentrism, once again, must yield to heliocentrism. The paradigm of Christianity needs to shift its focus from sin to love - to God's love for sinners. Sin needs to move to the wings and God's love for sinners needs to move to center stage. No change in doctrine. Just a tweak in emphasis. Nothing more. Beware, however. The same inquisition that persecuted Galileo Galilei will persecute you if you try to dethrone sin from the center of the Church's solar system.