layers of reality

No cross - no resurrection?

No cross - no resurrection?

The rock on which we can securely build our understanding of the nature of God is Calvary. Calvary is a combination of two significant layers of reality. On the skin of reality, we tortured and killed the Son of God while He was human, alive, tender and vulnerable. On the subcutaneous layer of reality immediately below the skin, God's love for us did not budge as we tortured and killed Him. His love for us is indestructible. 


Reality does not consist of a single layer. Reality has depth. Its depth comes from multiple layers. Different stories unfold on the different layers of reality. The story that is unfolding on the skin of reality is different than the stories unfolding on the subcutaneous layers beneath. Yet, the layers intersect as well as overlap.

The nearsighted can only see the story unfolding on the skin of reality. The farsighted can see the different stories unfolding on the different layers of reality