hostile desert of godlessness

The Escape from Our Dire Predicament

Like foolish children, Adam and Eve ran away from their home with God in paradise and took us with them into godlessness. Godlessness is not a nice place. To rescue us from godlessness, God established an escape route, defined it with holy places, made a map of them and entrusted the map to the Church. A new exodus is taking place and is now in progress on the escape route through the hostile desert of godlessness from slavery under the yoke of Pharaoh to freedom with God and their holy family in the promised land. The Church is the new Moses.

Only by making our escape from holy place to holy place that define the escape route can we be sure that we are heading in the right direction. The movement of the new exodus from holy place to holy place forms the needle of the compass that always points to God. 

The job of the Church is to be grease for the wheels of the escape and not an obstacle in its way. The job of the Church is to facilitate the escape and not to filter it. The job of the Church is to get all of the children of Adam and Eve into the life boats and on their way to safety and not to toss anyone overboard into the shark infested waters of godlessness.

The escape from godlessness to God is primary. Nothing else matters. Everything else is secondary. Anything that interferes is suspect.