God is a Realist

God is a realist. A realist is pragmatic. All of us must do our lifetime experiencing the sourness of godlessness. The experience in this school of hard knocks is designed to make us into better citizens of paradise. Letting us stew in the sourness of godlessness is harsh but effective medicine. God, however, is well aware that godlessness sucks. In godlessness, the big fish chew on and consume the little fish. Godlessness is what it is. And we must serve out our lifetime sentences in it. Our philanthropic God, however, does blunt the sharp edge of godlessness for us. When the big fish abuse us, the best response from us is to cling to our love, hold tight and not let go. This is the sanctuary in which we can take refuge in the storm of suffering.  It is the life preserver to which we can cling. More than two thousand years ago in a region of our planet called the Middle East, the Son of God paid us a visit to demonstrate this secret to us. He gave the little fish practical advise. we all can use this advise because, in truth, we are all little fish in the sourness of godlessness.