85% Catholic?

What percentage Catholic are you? I am approximately 85% Catholic. Pretty good, no? The Church has done a spectacularly successful job with me in converting me from a pagan into a Catholic. But is 85% good enough?  What percentage entitles me to claim the dubious distinction of a Catholic identity? Is it all or nothing? Purity without blemish? Is purity without blemish even possible?  What is the minimum percentage that qualifies a person to use the Catholic escape route to make his or her way from godlessness to paradise? 50% Catholic? 70% Catholic? 90% Catholic? Is this even a worthwhile discussion?  Run from the self-anointed saints who claim that they are 100% Catholic. They are either liars or idiots.  Perfection is never achieved. Everybody can be a better "Catholic".  I am not yet a saint. Are you?

P.S. Sanctimonious Catholics hurl the epithet, "Cafeteria Catholic", at those who fail to swallow the "Catholic Identity" thing hook, line and sinker. They besmirch "Cafeteria Catholics" as being guilty of the sin of "picking and choosing". They claim it is all or nothing. But is it? It is impossible for anyone including sanctimonious Catholics to enter a restaurant and eat everything that is on the menu. Like Julia Child, I cannot stomach the herb, cilantro. Whenever a dish on the menu contains cilantro, I reject it. What is your cilantro?