Pregnant by the Word of God

We have been made pregnant by the knowledge of God.

Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel (Isaiah 7:14)


Like foolish children, Adam and Eve had run away from their home with God in paradise and took us with them into godlessness. Godlessness sucks. We needed help. So the Son of God dove into godlessness after us to rescue us. He did not dispatch his subordinates. He did not send his flunkies. He came to our rescue himself. 

To rescue us from godlessness, God decided to put us in possession of an important piece of the truth so its light could illuminate the darkness to make the escape route from godlessness to paradise visible. The job was revelation. The job was apocalypse.

The yeast of divinity was introduced to the mud of humanity to leaven the mud with the knowledge of God.  God paid us a visit to impregnate us with the knowledge of God. 

How was this accomplished? How were we "knocked up" by the knowledge of God? The job was given to the Word of God, the second person of the most Holy Trinity (John 1:1-5). 

The process of insemination consisted of three steps (Matthew 13:31-32) (Mark 4:1-32). 

  1. The message was composed
  2. It was delivered to us and
  3. A guarantee of its genuineness was created to verify the truth of the message



God composed a simple message: Jesus is the God who loves us dearly. Yet, it is a message that transformed the world.



At Bethlehem, the Son of God, the king of the universe, exchanged the penthouse of heaven for the basement of humanity. He did not send his subordinates to do the job. He did not send his flunkies. The job was so important that He did it himself. The God who fashioned us out of the mud with his hands put himself into the hands of the mud to reveal to the mud the sweetness of paradise. The yeast of divinity came to leaven the mud of humanity. How? With a love note. At Bethlehem, the Son of God delivered a love note to us. Imagine - a love note from God to us! It was not an ordinary love note. It was unique. It was not words written on dead paper. It was the very Word of God written on life itself. The love note lived and breathed. It was alive. It came in the form of a baby born in the humblest of circumstances.


Step 3: A Guarantee of the Genuineness of the Message is Given to us


To determine whether the love note was genuine or counterfeit, God let us put the love note to the test. We tortured and killed the love note. He suffered and died.  This was the test. This was the evil baptism into which we immersed him. What was the result of the test? He did not stay dead and he did not stop loving us. That he did not stay dead is the proof that Jesus is God. That he did not stop loving us is the proof that divinity is love. The test revealed that the love note is indestructible.

The Son of God has planted the seed of the knowledge of God within us. We are pregnant with the knowledge of God. Jesus is the God who loves us. He is the sweetness of paradise. Rational people seek the sweetness of paradise. It would be crazy to do otherwise.