The Three Wonders of the World

1 ) The fact: the indestructibility of God's love for us. 

2) The proof: At Calvary, he offered his body and blood to us. We took them even though they were His to keep and not ours to take. As precious as our body and blood are to us, they were precious to Him.  Yet, despite our theft of them from him, he continued to love us nonetheless.  The survival of His love for us is the proof - the guarantee - of the indestructibility of his love for us. If his love for us were destructible, it would have faded as we tortured him and died when we killed Him. But it did  not. It survived. His survival communicates the message that he is omnipotent.  The survival of His love for us communicates so much has more. It tells us that the very essence of divinity itself is indestructible love for us. 

3) The reminder: At Mass, he offers his body and blood to us again and again.. They were the coin that paid for the proof. He paid all for us. He kept not a penny for Himself. He has never paid more for anything else.  It is so important to God that we know their nature that they gave us the Mass as a perpetual reminder of the indestructibility of their love for us.