As we pass through the Valley of Tears, many and merciless are the crosses that besiege us.

Our crosses have tongues as well as teeth .

The sharp teeth of our crosses chew us up into bits and pieces.

The tongues of our crosses are as sharp as their teeth .

Through the tongues of our crosses, the serpent broadcasts powerful anti-god propaganda.

The Tongues of our Crosses Taunt our Souls

While the sharp teeth of our crosses chew us up into bits and pieces, their sharp tongues taunt our souls saying, "Where is your Savior in your moment of need?" "Nobody is coming to rescue you." "If rescue were in store for you, you would be rescued now." "Despair!" "You are alone and forsaken." The taunts are highly persuasive. They broacast powerful anti-God propaganda. While we are nailed alive to our crosses and our savior is nowhere in sight, it is difficult to conceive that our God is our almighty lover . In our despair, we cry out, as Jesus cried out, “Eli, Eli,[a] lema sabachthani?” . While buried in the anti-god propaganda, the sweetness of paradise cannot pull us along the escape route through the Valley of Tears to the promised land